Dear Liiper,

We are a team of 7 friends and we started Alpha League Racing in September 2021. It is a competitive racing game built with a lot of love and some NFTs, on Solana. 

What you will play is ALR alpha version. It is built with Unity, and for the moment runs under WebGL. Some great features are in the pipe, including a full token economy, multiplayer, a track builder, a mobile version, etc…

We are at the beginning of the journey. We have sold around 3,500 cars as NFTs, have created a very cool community and have learnt so many things

For me, ALR is the perfect opportunity to identify what Web3 and decentralization can bring to the world of video games. It is a laboratory where we can explore hypothesis, trying to give more power to the gamers (Decision power, asset ownership, revenue sharing…).

We hope you will enjoy our game!
Manu and the ALR team.

Liip Tournament

#1: 50 CHF – Digitec
#2: 50 CHF – Digitec
#2: 50 CHF – Digitec