1 Introduction

In recent months we’ve witnessed the explosion of NFTs on multiple blockchains as well as the success of play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity, REVV and many others. The most highly anticipated game of the year is Star Atlas, a metaverse exploration game built using the Unreal Engine on Solana. There are several other new GameFi projects being built, but our team recognized that there is great potential for blockchain gaming on Solana, especially for low barrier to entry games that are fast paced and casual.

Our goal in building Alpha League Racing was two-fold. The first step was to build a 3D composable car NFT that could be upgraded, adapted and utilized in multiple games/scenarios across the blockchain. The second goal was to build a fully functional 3D racing game that rewards players for spending time in the game and allows you to use your rewards to unlock new levels, upgrade your car, play in competitions and duel other players in a race for “pink slips”.

2 General Concept

While being a fun, casual game, there exists an underlying incentive structure to reward players that spend a substantial amount of time playing the game. There are two main tiers of gameplay: the first is free-to-play and the second is the full-scale play-to-earn game.

In the free game, only 1-2 different cars are playable with 1-2 free tracks. This version of the game could be considered a demo of the larger game, that allows anyone to preview the style of gameplay as well as join a quick, casual racing session.

The full play-to-earn game requires ownership of an Alpha League Racing vehicle. This NFT car allows you to join official races to try and win the ingame token. By playing the game and winning races, players earn tokens that can be used to unlock new tracks, customize their cars, buy/sell individual components and compete in League competitions for larger prizes. Another aspect of this game is the ability to challenge players one-on-one to risk it all, and race for “pink slips” – in other words betting either tokens or your own car on the outcome of the race.

3 Game Mechanics

In Alpha League Racing (ALR), there will be three types of races that are only playable by users with NFT cars.

(1) Circuit Races (regular and boosted gameplay) (2) League Competitions (3) Duels

3.1 Circuit Races

In the base format of the “real” play-to-earn game, players can race online with their friends or match with random opponents to compete against each other in races on various tracks. The regular races are typical circuit laps, while boosted gameplay allows racers to use bonuses and tricks to affect the other players in the game.

After each race, all players receive a certain amount of engine experience points. This is a way of leveling up each car, based on the amount of time it has been used racing. The more a player races with a certain car, the better it becomes. At certain thresholds, players can choose to level up the car, escalating the league tier that the car races in. This ensures that actual time must be spent playing the game by some human, before the car can be upgraded to the next tier.

In each higher league tier, the cars become faster, and receive various bonuses. In addition, as the races are faster paced and the players are potentially better, there are additional bonuses and benefits, and it becomes harder to level up to higher and higher league tiers.

In addition to the engine XP accrued at each level, the top players in each race receive a small amount of the in-game token. The highest ranking player in each race receives the most tokens, while those that rank lower receive nothing. The lowest league tier receives the smallest rewards for each race, while higher tiers receive larger rewards for winning their races.

These in-game tokens are redeemable initially for mystery boxes, containing car parts to customize your ride. As the game expands, an alternate racing experience will be added, with boosts and bonuses that players can attach to their cars for more action-packed gameplay.

3.2 League Competitions

A regular occurrence in the game that will emerge over time will be “seasons” and league competitions. These events will be promoted and have qualifying rounds, as well as higher stakes. With partnerships and sponsorships, rewards for these races will be more than just in-game tokens and experience, but could include participation NFTs, cryptoasset prizes and more.

3.3 Duels

The third aspect of the racing gameplay is the most thrilling and unique aspect. Duels will facilitate smaller matches for players to put nearly any Solana-based asset up for grabs, including your own car. Hand-selected teams or random players can match up, and put it all on the line to race for a pool of tokens, NFTs or “pink slips” – the rights and ownership of your car NFT.

4 Initial NFT Offering (INO)

As a first step in fundraising for game production and development, we’ve decided to design the vehicles first, and offer these up to mint. With the funds from this INO, the team will hire additional game designers to build infrastructure and tracks for the game.

This INO will consist of 10,000 3D model car NFTs, sold for 0.25 SOL each. For each unique car NFT, at a yet-to-be announced time, the token holder of each car will be airdropped a portion of our in-game tokens, at the same time as any IEO or IDO.

Additionally, these token holders will receive first access to private betatesting of the game, a playground to drive and test the vehicles and other community events leading up to the full game release.

6 Token and Community Governance

In subsequent weeks, further development of this lite paper, game mechanics, token details and more will lead to changes in this framework and the prospective game. As changes are made, the lite paper will be re-published publicly for our holders to view.