Earn Crypto Rewards

Alpha League Racing offers
2 ways to earn rewards

Buy a Season Pass

Spice up the competition with real financial incentive.

  • Top 25% of the players are garanted to be rewarded.
  • Up to 4x ROI for top players.
  • Every SPass owner gets a chance to earn.
  • 75% sales goes in the prizepool.
  • Offers infinite retries in each tournaments.


The more cars you have in your garage, the more you earn!

  • Every car holder who plays in Season get rewarded.
  • The share is based on the ranking and Earning Factor.
  • Each car owned increases the Earning Factor.
  • EVO 4 gives 4x more chances to earn than EVO 1.
  • 50% of secondary market royalties goes in the prizepool.

Proudly built on Solana

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