CoFounder | COO

clockWork has spent the last 13 years implementing complex web projects together with international teams.

He is collaborating for the most out standing WatchMaker in the world like Rolex, Breitling, Patek, Jaeger Lecoultre, Rado…

He is as a simplifier, craving to reduce the time to market: prototype, test, monitor, learn and iterate.

His strong technical background coupled with an agile mindset (PSM certified) strengthen the ALR project: we deliver what we say we deliver, on time.


CoFounder | Creative Director

JBr is a 3D senior Artist since 12 years who worked for Ubisoft, Activision, Bungie, Riot and Marvel…

JBr is the creative soul of the project and the one who conceived and designed the cars. His motto: always challenge what can be challenged and improve what should be. He never negotiates on quality and pushes the creativity to its very limit.



Jymbaloo is a Digital Marketing Manager with almost 10 years of experience in various industries, and at several key roles of a marketing department.

Passionate by the Blockchain industry for years, his knowledge of the market and the ongoing trends turned out to be very useful in many situations.

As a passionated gamer as well, he spends his youth playing CTR to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, or even WoW. 

Nojiboy – Nojigames

Unity Developer

Nojiboy is a very talented video game developer for 4 years.

He is passionate about creating gameplay and enjoys bringing something to life from scratch.
As Unity as no secret left in store for him, he is able to quickly deliver small games, on all platforms.

His passion for video game development even allowed him to created a fun platform game, popular on Steam.


UI/UX Designer

XAL is a talented artist from Paris.

He comes with a very unique artistic flavor and offers to ALR an unforgettable atmosphere we are sure our website is inspiring you.


Senior CG Artist

Reynartt is a senior CG artist with more than 10 years of experience. He worked in the animation and video game industries on various titles with major clients, such as Ubisoft, 2K, Paramount, and Netflix…

As a passionate builder, he likes to create beautiful pictures and craft vibrant worlds. His sharpened artistic and technical skills allow him to work with efficiency on any platform.

He grew up playing lots of video games, and Mario Kart or CTR has no secrets left for him. Be cautious, you will probably see him boosting right around the corner on the track.


Partnership Manager

Solv comes packaged with both IRL corporate sales and NFT experiences. Pre-crypto, she has 6 years of corporate sales experience.

Solv discovered NFTs in 2021 and never left the space. She started as a Partnership Manager for a prominent OG Solana NFT project. Via that relationship, she is now the Partnership Manager for ALR, focused on finding and curating mutually beneficial collaborations between ALR and other projects that uplifts all communities.

She believes that valuable connections is a key ingredient to building a strong ecosystem.

A lifelong avid recreational gamer, her favorites include Mario Kart, Zelda, and Diablo.


Level Designer

MxHare is a 3d generalist artist in animated films. He works with Blender.

He joined the ALR team as a level designer.

PS: He owns a VW Beetle 1971


Web 3 Developer

Gloin is a software engineer working on backend with machine learning research background.

He is the one you can trust to make a fluent mint experience.


Initial founder

Akaza is a passionate cryptocurrency trader and NFT minter. With experience from the real world in mobile gaming and digital marketing, he realized there is an untapped market on Solana and the greater blockchain industry for GameFi.

He is now leading the ALR team to create a fully original racing game that rewards players and token holders, with the hope of incentivizing the growth of new uses cases for blockchain technology, play-to-earn gaming and the Solana blockchain.

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for talented Unity Developers, Web Developers, Graphic designers, Game designers, Community Managers and Marketers !