18th Birthday Bash

The biggest competition ever organized on ALR

JAN 26th to FEB 2nd - 7PM

Participate in 4 unique races

Rainbowverse - EVO 1
Driftfrienzy - EVO 2
Drift Mode
NonoTrack - EVO 3
MicroMachine Mode
HighVerse - EVO 4
Your performance in each race adds to your total score, leading to your position in the global rankings.
Aim high in every race to maximize your chances for the rewards!

Outstanding Reward Pool

One lucky racer from the top 25%*
One random racer from the top 12% of biggest try harders**
One random racer from the top 5% of biggest try harders**
Shared among the top 20 racers.
Distributed randomly among all participants.

* Requires an Urban Rivals account. Reward distributed among the top players who have an Urban Rivals account.

** Requires an Urban Rivals account. Reward given to players within the top % who have the most play time and an Urban Rivals account.

To be eligible for Rewards, fill out this form, before the end of the tournament:


Do I need an ALR car to participate?

No, all are welcome!

Do I need a crypto wallet to participate?

You can race without one, but you'll need a wallet for rewards. Create one quickly at:

Do I need an Urban Rivals account to participate?

No, but you'll need one to receive Urban Rivals card rewards.

When will rewards be distributed?

Within the week following the event's conclusion.

How to play?

Play directly on your desktop browser, Android phone, or via Solana’s Saga dApp store.

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